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Hacking Business Models Presentation at LinuxFest NW

I just gave a presentation on Hacking Business Models and Open Source Business.
For those interested, here's my slide deck...

Is Anyone Else Tw-ired of Twitter

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy kid, you may even call me a mid-term adopter of all things tech. But there is one project that has offended me more over the past few months that has finally pushed me to post a blog against it.


The name of this evil project you ask: Twitter.


The 64 Bit Bomb?

So I've been working on a php/Smarty template application which contains a "print" button allowing you to--you guessed it--print out your template. The button contains the following javascript:,'print','resizable=1,scrollbars=yes,width=800,height=600');

Ask Freelock: Why Ubuntu?

Patrick asks,

Why not OpenSuSE, instead of Ubuntu?

At Freelock, we provide a maintenance service contract to manage Linux servers. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide monitoring, system updates, application updates, and our help recovering anything that goes wrong with an upgrade. We’re looking at adding disaster recovery to the mix, raising the price to cover the cost of backing up all of the data and providing varying service level agreements on how soon we will recover your machine from a total loss. But for our base price, we only support Ubuntu and CentOS, with a preference for Ubuntu. So Patrick asks, why not OpenSuSE? Read my reply after the jump.