Tales from the Arctic

John moved to the North Slope of Alaska when he was seven years old. He has spent nearly twenty years in various corners of Alaska. This section contains stories of his experiences during those years.

Tales of Denali
An account of my 1994 traverse of Denali, up the West Buttress and down the Muldrow routes.
Togiak Herring
Description of the Togiak Herring fishery, and my role in it.
Rain and Butterscotch Schnapps
Taking my mother down a wild and scenic river.
Wilderness Gold
A story of our canoe trip down the Fortymile river in Eastern Alaska, written as a destination story for Canoe & Kayak magazine.
Tales of Fish & Game
Humorous letters from field camps, 1994-1997.
  1. State Employee Exhibit
  2. Ugashik Crew Report
  3. Sheenjek Part 1
  4. Sheenjek Part 2

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