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Ask Freelock: Why Ubuntu?

By John Locke - Posted on 05 June 2008

Patrick asks,

Why not OpenSuSE, instead of Ubuntu?

At Freelock, we provide a maintenance service contract to manage Linux servers. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide monitoring, system updates, application updates, and our help recovering anything that goes wrong with an upgrade. We’re looking at adding disaster recovery to the mix, raising the price to cover the cost of backing up all of the data and providing varying service level agreements on how soon we will recover your machine from a total loss. But for our base price, we only support Ubuntu and CentOS, with a preference for Ubuntu. So Patrick asks, why not OpenSuSE? Read my reply after the jump.

Hi, Patrick,

There are literally hundreds of different distributions of Linux, and 7 or 8 that are very widely deployed in server environments. The reasons Ubuntu is our preferred distribution include:

  • No separate version of operating system–Red Hat and Novell/SuSE keep some of their stuff for their commercial version
  • Commercial company backing it (Canonical, LTD), support contracts available
  • Strong community support, lots of friendly help available
  • “Long Term Support” releases, with a commitment by Canonical to maintain security releases for 5 years on designated versions
  • Superior upgrade path when a version reaches end-of-life
  • Nice balance between cutting-edge versions of new software, while making sure they’re stable
  • Easy package management, well-built packages

OpenSuse has no commercial support available, and no commitment on the part of Novell to provide long term support to their free versions–you have to buy SuSE Enterprise Linux to get that level of stability/support, and that’s not the same software–they bundle older versions in their enterprise distributions that often don’t have features we’re coding on top of…

The upgrade path is another nice feature–we’ve had very good success upgrading Ubuntu boxes in place, without having to install an entirely new system and migrate the data over.

We support CentOS as well, which is a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, because some of the software our clients run are only available for Red Hat, so we have to… CentOS doesn’t have as good an upgrade path as Ubuntu, so we don’t include system upgrades at software end-of-life with that. We have supported SuSE boxes in the past, but I think we’re down to a single one running some legacy software. The main reason we discourage it is to streamline our processes–it’s much easier to administer a bunch of the same operating system, than having every box be a one-off system.

We’ve been doing this long enough to have to upgrade several servers because the OS has reached end-of-life and there are no more security releases available. Of the free distributions, the only ones we can deploy with confidence knowing we won’t have to upgrade for at least 3 or 4 years are Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. While there are many other solid distribution choices you could make, none of the others quite stack up to meet our needs as well as Ubuntu and CentOS.

This is a new feature we’re starting: Ask Freelock! Have a question about using open source in business? Drop us a line, ask us a question. We’ll do our best to answer.

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EPMS strives to generate it easy for the printer to scale around inside the technology. ,sticker printing booklet printing Following our recent article within the latest news from Zumbox, a gamer inside the digital mail space, we contacted Pitney Bowes' John Schloff to discover out the modern about its digital mailbox offering, Volly. Schloff shares an update, including advice about strategy and plans. ,product boxes custom packaging boxesصورة-بناتصورة-بنات/page/1صورة-بنات/page/3صورة-بنات/page/3صورة-بنات/page/4صورة-بنات/page/5صورة-بنات/page/6صورة-بنات/page/7صورة-بنات/page/8صورة-بنات/page/9صورة-بنات/page/10صورة-بنات/page/11صورة-بنات/page/12صورة-بنات/page/13صورة-بنات/page/14صورة-بنات/page/15صورة-بنات/page/16صورة-بنات/page/17صورة-بنات/page/18صورة-بنات/page/19صورة-بنات/page/20صورة-بنات/page/21صورة-بنات/page/22صورة-بنات/page/23بناتبنات/page/1بنات/page/3بنات/page/3بنات/page/4بنات/page/5بنات/page/6بنات/page/7بنات/page/8بنات/page/9بنات/page/10بنات/page/11بنات/page/12بنات/page/13بنات/page/14بنات/page/15بنات/page/16بنات/page/17بنات/page/18بنات/page/19بنات/page/20بنات/page/21بنات/page/22بنات/page/23صور-بناتصور-بنات/page/1صور-بنات/page/3صور-بنات/page/3صور-بنات/page/4صور-بنات/page/5صور-بنات/page/6صور-بنات/page/7صور-بنات/page/8صور-بنات/page/9صور-بنات/page/10صور-بنات/page/11صور-بنات/page/12صور-بنات/page/13صور-بنات/page/14صور-بنات/page/15صور-بنات/page/16صور-بنات/page/17صور-بنات/page/18صور-بنات/page/19صور-بنات/page/20صور-بنات/page/21صور-بنات/page/22صور-بنات/page/23صورة-بنتصورة-بنت/page/1صورة-بنت/page/3صورة-بنت/page/3صورة-بنت/page/4صورة-بنت/page/5صورة-بنت/page/6صورة-بنت/page/7صورة-بنت/page/8صورة-بنت/page/9صورة-بنت/page/10صورة-بنت/page/11صورة-بنت/page/12صورة-بنت/page/13صورة-بنت/page/14صورة-بنت/page/15صورة-بنت/page/16صورة-بنت/page/17صورة-بنت/page/18صورة-بنت/page/19صورة-بنت/page/20صورة-بنت/page/21صورة-بنت/page/22صورة-بنت/page/23رسائل-حبرسائل-حب/page/1رسائل-حب/page/3رسائل-حب/page/3رسائل-حب/page/4رسائل-حب/page/5رسائل-حب/page/6رسائل-حب/page/7رسائل-حب/page/8رسائل-حب/page/9رسائل-حب/page/10رسائل-حب/page/11رسائل-حب/page/12رسائل-حب/page/13رسائل-حب/page/14رسائل-حب/page/15رسائل-حب/page/16رسائل-حب/page/17رسائل-حب/page/18رسائل-حب/page/19رسائل-حب/page/20رسائل-حب/page/21رسائل-حب/page/22رسائل-حب/page/23رسائل-حب/page/24رسائل-حب/page/25رسائل-حب/page/26رسائل-حب/page/27رسايل-حبرسايل-حب/page/1رسايل-حب/page/3رسايل-حب/page/3رسايل-حب/page/4رسايل-حب/page/5رسايل-حب/page/6رسايل-حب/page/7رسايل-حب/page/8رسايل-حب/page/9رسايل-حب/page/10رسايل-حب/page/11رسايل-حب/page/12رسايل-حب/page/13رسايل-حب/page/14رسايل-حب/page/15رسايل-حب/page/16رسايل-حب/page/17رسايل-حب/page/18رسايل-حب/page/19رسايل-حب/page/20رسايل-حب/page/21رسايل-حب/page/22رسايل-حب/page/23رسايل-حب/page/24رسايل-حب/page/25رسايل-حب/page/26رسايل-حب/page/27نکات-ضحکنکات-ضحک/page/1نکات-ضحک/page/3نکات-ضحک/page/3نکات-ضحک/page/4نکات-ضحک/page/5نکات-ضحک/page/6نکات-ضحک/page/7نکات-ضحک/page/8نکات-ضحک/page/9نکات-ضحک/page/10نکات-ضحک/page/11نکات-ضحک/page/12نکات-ضحک/page/13نکات-ضحک/page/14نکات-ضحک/page/15نکات-ضحک/page/16نکات-ضحک/page/17نکات-ضحک/page/18نکات-ضحک/page/19نکات-ضحک/page/20نکات-ضحک/page/21نکات-ضحک/page/22نکات-ضحک/page/23نکات-ضحک/page/24نکات-ضحک/page/25نکت-عربينکت-عربي/page/1نکت-عربي/page/3نکت-عربي/page/3نکت-عربي/page/4نکت-عربي/page/5نکت-عربي/page/6نکت-عربي/page/7نکت-عربي/page/8نکت-عربي/page/9نکت-عربي/page/10نکت-عربي/page/11نکت-عربي/page/12نکت-عربي/page/13نکت-عربي/page/14نکت-عربي/page/15نکت-عربي/page/16نکت-عربي/page/17نکت-عربي/page/18نکت-عربي/page/19نکت-عربي/page/20نکت-عربي/page/21نکت-عربي/page/22نکت-عربي/page/23نکت-عربي/page/24نکت-عربي/page/25نکت-مصرنکت-مصر/page/1نکت-مصر/page/3نکت-مصر/page/3نکت-مصر/page/4نکت-مصر/page/5نکت-مصر/page/6نکت-مصر/page/7نکت-مصر/page/8نکت-مصر/page/9نکت-مصر/page/10نکت-مصر/page/11نکت-مصر/page/12نکت-مصر/page/13نکت-مصر/page/14نکت-مصر/page/15نکت-مصر/page/16نکت-مصر/page/17نکت-مصر/page/18نکت-مصر/page/19نکت-مصر/page/20نکت-مصر/page/21نکت-مصر/page/22نکت-مصر/page/23نکت-مصر/page/24نکت-مصر/page/25نکاتنکات/page/1نکات/page/3نکات/page/3نکات/page/4نکات/page/5نکات/page/6نکات/page/7نکات/page/8نکات/page/9نکات/page/10نکات/page/11نکات/page/12نکات/page/13نکات/page/14نکات/page/15نکات/page/16نکات/page/17نکات/page/18نکات/page/19نکات/page/20نکات/page/21نکات/page/22نکات/page/23نکات/page/24نکات/page/25نکت-ضحکنکت-ضحک/page/1نکت-ضحک/page/3نکت-ضحک/page/3نکت-ضحک/page/4نکت-ضحک/page/5نکت-ضحک/page/6نکت-ضحک/page/7نکت-ضحک/page/8نکت-ضحک/page/9نکت-ضحک/page/10نکت-ضحک/page/11نکت-ضحک/page/12نکت-ضحک/page/13نکت-ضحک/page/14نکت-ضحک/page/15نکت-ضحک/page/16نکت-ضحک/page/17نکت-ضحک/page/18نکت-ضحک/page/19نکت-ضحک/page/20نکت-ضحک/page/21نکت-ضحک/page/22نکت-ضحک/page/23نکت-ضحک/page/24نکت-ضحک/page/25نکت-مضحکةنکت-مضحکة/page/1نکت-مضحکة/page/3نکت-مضحکة/page/3نکت-مضحکة/page/4نکت-مضحکة/page/5نکت-مضحکة/page/6نکت-مضحکة/page/7نکت-مضحکة/page/8نکت-مضحکة/page/9نکت-مضحکة/page/10نکت-مضحکة/page/11نکت-مضحکة/page/12نکت-مضحکة/page/13نکت-مضحکة/page/14نکت-مضحکة/page/15نکت-مضحکة/page/16نکت-مضحکة/page/17نکت-مضحکة/page/18نکت-مضحکة/page/19نکت-مضحکة/page/20نکت-مضحکة/page/21نکت-مضحکة/page/22نکت-مضحکة/page/23نکت-مضحکة/page/24نکت-مضحکة/page/25نکتنکت/page/1نکت/page/3نکت/page/3نکت/page/4نکت/page/5نکت/page/6نکت/page/7نکت/page/8نکت/page/9نکت/page/10نکت/page/11نکت/page/12نکت/page/13نکت/page/14نکت/page/15نکت/page/16نکت/page/17نکت/page/18نکت/page/19نکت/page/20نکت/page/21نکت/page/22نکت/page/23نکت/page/24نکت/page/25صوره-حبصوره-حب/page/1صوره-حب/page/3صوره-حب/page/3صوره-حب/page/4صوره-حب/page/5صوره-حب/page/6صوره-حب/page/7صوره-حب/page/8صوره-حب/page/9صوره-حب/page/10صوره-حب/page/11صوره-حب/page/12صوره-حب/page/13صوره-حب/pag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Encouraging Compliance and Use of Your Print MIS System sticker printing large roll wrapping paper Industry Trends Just a Click Away ,Conditions Improve: Quarterly Survey with Print Buyers and Printers
By Trevor Shackelford August 10, ,office supply label stickers For printers, this calls for undergoing an onsite certification inspection by GMI that includes sample measurements from production runs. Some participating customers may need test sheets to become submitted to GMI each and every time their tasks are printed. The hurdles aren’t easy to clear. Gordon says, for instance, how the program uses a gray balance target with “half the ?” of the corresponding G7 measurement and is also therefore doubly difficult to hit. ,paper box white christmas wrapping paper

Successful Integration of Market, Sales and Business Strategy gift wrapping supplies red gift wrap Generally speaking, there is an inverse relationship between risk and quality. The higher the danger in the deal, the bottom its quality. So it follows an A++ deal can have low risk and may have the seller's business on top in the pile for buyers' review. But where does the risk come from, will it be quantified and controlled, and exactly how does it relate with value? ,Broadband: Contributing to a Decline in Print
By Dr. Joe Webb Published: April 19, 2016 ,Printing Services custom box packaging Color density ,sticker printing office products

Discussing the important points from the deal: Marc Olin, CEO of Printcafe and Oliver Pflug of printChannel office products corrugated box Bobst reached drupa which consists of next generation of exercise machines and solutions, aiming to create further inroads in the commercial printing market with graduated offerings for example the VISIONCUT 106 LE flatbed diecutter; MASTERCUT 145 mid-range diecutter for large-format work; as well as the high-end EXPERTCUT 106 for diecutting specialists. ,Xerox Appoints Jacobson to New COO Role for Technology Business, Promotes Copley to President, Graphic Communications Business Group
by Mark Bonacorso Many agencies and corporate marketing departments think PR individuals are nothing greater than shock troops because first line connected with an offensive attack in different advertising campaign. February 30, 2005 -- My work together with my current clients has allowed me in the future into contact having a quantity of my public realtions peers, both in large PR firms representing large clients entering the graphic arts market, every one of the strategy to smaller companies or start-ups just beginning within the strange and wonderful an entire world of public, press, or media relations. When called for advice, I often try to describe that successful PR relies upon two often conflicting schools of thought--for the reason that it's both an art and craft as well as a science. Overall, PR people lack the top of reputations while using media and are also often known as as suits, flacks, or PR weenies. I've been called seventy one and worst. So how come, to the most part, would be the realm of PR often imagined for being a stylish and glamorous and fast-paced career for the people just completing a college degree? The business attracts people who feel they are able to somehow rise to lofty agency or corporate positions, armed using a pen, and wield tremendous power. As an end result, many young PR professionals enter the marketplace merely to quickly determine that they can be often considered the scourge from the client/journalist relationship, laughed at, and avoided in any respect costs. Why are these claims? Simple, many agencies and corporate marketing departments think PR everyone is nothing over shock troops because the first line of your offensive attack in every marketing strategy. Armed with media lists, these poor, young, expendable souls are taught to bludgeon journalists having an endless stream of pr announcements, emails, and calls. They are ill-able to pitch intelligently about their clientele or company's products, tend to visit in with the quick kill, believing that good PR lies for the end of any road of scorched earth. The Art (Don't certainly be a Fair Weather Friend) Learning editors' professional and in many cases personal interests establishes a good-term relationship that prospers for the lifetime. A a couple of my peers and I have invested any time within the years to find, develop, and nurture slightly over professional relationships while using media. This is partly a point of personal style, nevertheless it can also be a mutually beneficial technique of conducting business. It means using the time to chat at trade events, try a meal together, or merely talking within the phone as time allows--not pitching or selling, but getting to learn the other. Finding out their professional and often personal interests generally benefits all, as establishes a good-term relationship that prospers for the lifetime. Keep at heart that similar to the competition, you'll find those inside media which do not need (or want) any further friends, so don't push it should you meet by incorporating resistance. For example, a year ago an colonial publication closed their offices and re-established them about the west coast. The new editorial staff, while experienced journalists, came from your more upstream end in the market. I fired off a contact, introduced myself, my clients, and my industry knowledge--emphasis for the latter. I suggested we meet as I was pleased to listen where they wanted to look at the publication and the way I could possibly be capable of hand them over a rapid primer into who's who dependant on their new editorial direction. I didn't pitch or promote my clients in almost any way, and even more or less positioned myself to be a resource how they could tap if then when they needed. One year later, this soft approach has benefited the two of you, because I've been in a position to always work with with all the staff on the few guest editorials for my clients and my client's pr announcements bubble on the top from the heap, often with requires further information and subsequent coverage. For them, I've been capable of point them at research which is relevant thus to their editorial mission, open my rolodex of non-client industry contacts, and usually facilitate their job. We're both happy and feel fortunate that we can easily count on either other within this fashion. This could be the art. It's time well invested that's and continues to settle for other clients I represent. Finally, journalists are visitors to and never want to visualize themselves as some tool being accustomed to hype a corporation's goods and services. While they tolerate the barrage of pr announcements, they hate it once you only contact them around a substantial industry tradeshows to create up meetings. Like any relationship, it's annually round effort, that could pay back if this comes time for him or her to settle on who to fulfill with and cover--you together with your small business, or one with the industry's big must-covers on the show. The Science (Know Your Clients and also the Media) Earlier inside my career, a vintage direct mail guru laughed and said the principle for almost any successful direct mail campaign. He said: it's all regarding the number meaning which a good direct mail campaign should breakdown as follows: 40 % list 40 % offer 20 % creative For those not familiar with these terms, it indicates basically this. Forty percent of the direct mail effort should begin springing up while using best and quite a few relevant subscriber list for the service or product, another 40 % should get into crafting a hook that draws that audience, and lastly, only 20 % runs into your creative or design. The reason I mention that is because I think the identical relates to working with all the media. For example, for getting a great response from your media (their list) you may need to get very selective on who you target in doing what information (the offer). How well it's written (the creative), or the amount hype surrounds the true secret points from the message must be your last concern. Become an authority with your clients' products. For example, if I'm targeting a website article from the client that is certainly one in the largest commercial printers in North Americas, would I send it to Digital Publishing Solutions magazine? No, not unless it absolutely was about my client's HP-Indigo installation. Would I send it to American Printer, Graphic Arts Monthly, or Printing Impressions? Of course, as those three publications put significant focus for the commercial printing market. And a Little of Both Another point is one which doesn't really belong to either art or science, or perhaps perhaps somewhat of both, so I feel it bears mentioning. Get to find out your customers or company's products. In fact, become an authority about them. Read everything and anything having to try and do together with the client or company you represent, the market industry, other sellers, customers, everything. Too often PR people get boxed in the role of facilitator or functionary, hence reinforcing the many bad nicknames mentioned earlier. In my experience, being aware you might be pitching goes far to developing and great relationships using the media, customers, or maybe your boss. If very little else, refer to it as employment. The net profit is. Take any time to acquire to recognise the media--develop relationships, and also be respectful with their time in addition to their jobs--which should be to please their readers. Be selective in doing what you signal which publication and once, since the media turns into a zillion pr announcements daily. Finally, get to find out your client's or company's product or service when your value towards the media will grow and you'll raise our humble craft to your more lofty position. ,office suplies business office supplies Marketers across a assortment of business segments start to examine QR codes being a silent salesperson that literally brings a competitive edge. This article provides degrees of this trend from the automotive, retail, and areas. ,medical office supplies print labels

Geek Speak for the Marketing Communications Service Provider business card printing large roll wrapping paper By Jerry Scher Published: April 23, 2013 ,Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA: Masahiro 鈥淪am鈥?Ota
In this tight economic market, graphic arts service providers should stand out on the competition. Many printers have provided that differentiation through their amount of service, or through their ancillary non-print offerings… but differentiation on press is increasingly becoming a consideration for consideration. ,business equipment custom box packaging Andy examines waterless inkjet printing by going to the very first US installation with the Xerox CiPress 500 at dmh Marketing Partners in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. ,label stickers packaging boxes

Q&A Economic Outlook Webinar; mortgage fiasco; effect of printing standardization on prices and print volumes; future expansion of digital production color printing 锘?a href="">book printing stationery supplies Chaos in Control ,Neopost USA: A Conversation with CEO Dennis LeStrange
Digital Darwinism - Adapting on the new realities of our digital world ,stationery wholesalers banner office supplies Production: The printing, VDP composition, and website landing page construction costs ,paper box corrugated box manufacturers

Education Market Continues to Boosts Sales for Courier: Summary of Second Quarter 2006 Earnings Call wrapping paper office items PrintCity Announcing聺 ,FREE SPECIAL: Frank Romano & Bill Lamparter: Is Variable Data a Niche Market?
The CEO must transmit three essential principles to every one employees: ,custom wraps booklet printing By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: May 22, 2006 ,business supplies wholesale stationery

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Applications Everywhere: Not a Drop of Boredom to Spare office stationery custom gifts For another view, think of this as number of web-based enterprize model types, authored by Michael Rappa, a professor at North Carolina State University. Rappa suggests nine different internet business models. Do you generate profits through brokering, or selling the job/products of others (e.g. renting out subscriber list)? Do you offer free services and earn cash via advertising (Google search)? Are which you merchant (Amazon)? Are a utility (e.g. offering to support people's hard disk drives remotely)? Here's his list: ,Who Says Packaging is Not Going Digital?
Bidirectional communication between all systems integrated with the Print MIS ,custom office supplies office supplies Gestalting the Printing Industry - 2016 Mergers and Acquisitions Forecast ,business card printing office equipment

Flashback: Where Are They Now? banner office supplies printing on tissue paper By Jmhershey Published: August 3, 2006 ,Making a Difference with QR Codes
At Media Days, though, Presstek’s focus was around the market where it’s almost an oligopoly of just one: direct imaging (DI) presses, so it promotes as being the most cost-efficient platforms for small-format color work with the 500- to 20,000-copy range. At Print 09, Presstek will need orders for a different 52 cm (20.47 x 14.17) model which has a built-in aqueous coater, the 52DI-AC. Capable of flood and spot coating, the 52DI-AC also features high-pile feeding and inline drying. Orders also will likely be taken for UV versions on the 52DI and 34DI platforms (the 34 cm format includes a maximum sheet size 13.39 x 18.11). Existing 52DI and 34DI presses are field-upgradeable for printing with UV inks, causing them to suitable, Presstek says, for packaging, labels, and POP in addition to commercial work. ,printed boxes printed cardboard boxes For the remainder on the year, Creo sees growth within the market of minute midsize printers. ,custom boxes round stickers

Sustainability and Wide-Format鈥擨t鈥檚 Not Just About Substrates children's book publishers print business cards By Barb Pellow Published: January 30, 2014 ,Wide Format Gaining Ground Among Commercial Printers
Ah, these days we discover more evidence from the anti-toner backlash. “I believe using the advance of inkjet, electrophotographic missed the possibility.” Jacobson sees shops with three basic equipment rosters: inkjet in short-run, variable printers; offset for long-run printing, along with a DI press for that “doughnut hole” between the two technologies’ run-length characteristics. ,office equipment stationery wholesalers Using printing shipments and population data from Statistics Canada, we have prepared this chart that shows per capita shipments of economic printing in Canada current dollars and Canada inflation-adjusted dollars. In the USA, this statistic peaked in 1995, nonetheless it failed to peak in Canada until six years later. The USA trend because of this statistic is really a decline, but Canada's has flattened. Though the USA and Canada economies are closely linked, you will find cultural, social, economic, and regulatory factors that affect the timing and extent of media change. Together while using relative smaller size from the Canada, change patterns could be quite different and may often be jagged. Assuming Canada is a comfortable percentage with the US information mill okay generally speaking discussions when precision is just not important, but should 't be counted on in important decisions. ,children's book publishers complete office supplies<%2Fa>+office+suplies<%2Fa>+The+software+market+is+a+great+example.+Today+software+is+commonly+sold+into+two+primary+ways%3A+On+Premises+License+or+Software+as+being+a+Service+%28SaaS%29+Subscription.+There+continues+to+be+a+lively+debate+inside+print+industry+about+licensing+versus+subscription+which+I+have+covered+extensively+at+WhatTheyThink%27s+The+Web+and+Print+blog.+While+we+inside+the+atoms+based+economy+are+debating+this+matter%2C+the+bits+economy+has+evolved+to+one+more+revolutionary+invention+that+radically+increases+efficiencies+and+decreases+costs+of+software+deployment+-+cloud+computing.+Cloud+computing+could+be+the+ultimate+global+pooling+of+resources+-+rent+only+what+we+need+%28bandwidth%2C+storage%2C+processing+power%29+in+a+minute+increments.+The+US+government+estimates+the+normal+server+utilization+rolling+around+in+its+1%2C100+data+centers+is+7%25%2C+a+great+number+of+waste+in+numerous+critical+resource+pools%2C+power+being+essentially+the+most+obvious+one.+Pooling+those+resources+in+a+very+cloud+computing+model+would+encourage+the+government+to+pay+for+for+exactly+the+resources+it+consumes%2C+representing+an+unbelievable+savings+in+hardware%2C+software%2C+and.+%2CStrategy+is+Overrated++%0D%0AJuly+18%2C+%2Coffice+items<%2Fa>+green+christmas+wrapping+paper<%2Fa><%2Fa>+paper+box+manufacturers<%2Fa>++%0D%0A&submit=Send

Thousands of Net New Businesses Per Month corrugated box custom wraps Redesign. In addition on the redesigned cockpit to the press that people announced at Print 13, there continues to be significant redesign in the interior with the press on the point of take a look at easy accessibility to the operator as well as for service technicians. This makes all the press friendlier around the inside; the cockpit helps it be friendlier around the outside. ,What Is Wide-Format?
WTT: What type of adoption rate did you see? ,christmas wrapping custom sticker printing The Challenge ,Custom Labels package printing;u=118294]Market,com_ponygallery/Itemid,0/func,de...

Ipex 2014: Spotlight on London box packaging commercial office supplies 4. If you could have persisted inside the belief that, if the economy turns around, you will probably be OK, plus you've got procrastinated on tough decisions about your cost structure…make those decisions NOW! Quit kidding yourself. This will be the new normal and that is your location going to become operating your online business for many years into the future. Do the things you must do to be viable, creating the working platform to live and thrive again! ,Stories from your Farthest Shores of Sheetfed: Five Printers Share Their Experiences with KBA鈥檚 Mighty Rapida 205 (Part II)
According to Tom Wright, Senior Director of Design and Advertising for Neenah Paper worldwide, who spearheaded this initiative along with the others we're going to discuss here, The Beauty of Engraving would have been a “toe-in-the-water” initiative for that company. He says, “Neenah sells and distributes the CRANE’S brand, and we've been a 100% cotton fiber paper manufacturer for hundred years, materials which are often employed for high-quality engraved social correspondence. We were looking for just a solution to include the declining amount of engraving shops. It’s this kind of incredible art and now we wanted for being in a position to create greater awareness over it among a much more digital savvy audience.” ,packaging boxes custom boxes New strategies to market additional offerings ,how to publish a book wrapping paper printing,%20Printing%20Shipments,%20Number%20of%20Printers,%20Tail%20Wagging,%20and%20Dr.%20Joe's%20Inbox%20wholesale%20gift%20wrap%20

Economic Data a Mess; Printing Shipments; Industry Education Needs Our Support clear labels adhesive labels Conducted by Noel Ward, Executive Editor, On Demand Journal March 13, 2006 -- Franchises have transformed an incredible variety of businesses and continue to get one in the leading method of extending a brandname to new markets. From mufflers to hamburgers to printed pages and everywhere amongst, there seems becoming a franchise for about every service or product. Cary Sherburne reported about the state of print franchises in a very 4-part series in January, and updated it recently to explain the several approach of taken by CPrint, or Certified Printers International, a surgical procedure founded by Crouser and Associates. ODJ also reported on CPrint last July of 2005. At Graphics with the Americas I found another new print franchise which takes an alternative approach to your market. Like other franchisors, Fast Copi will undertake franchisees who're not used to printing, nonetheless it's unique selling proposition should be to add value to existing printing and print-related businesses. These could possibly be minute medium commercial printers wishing to incorporate a retail storefront and includes graphic artists who desire to provide a broader array of services with their customers and retain more treatments for production processes. Following the show I of Joel Bartlett, Director of Franchise Development, to know how Fast Copi sees the market industry and what it's got to present franchisees. ODJ: So what's Fast Copi? It sounds want it can be a new printing franchise or maybe adds some copier/printers plus a storefront into a small commercial print shop . JB: It's definitely a franchise system. The Fast Copifranchise is, circumstances-of-the-art graphic design and copy service center. The franchise offers over 180 services, which is backed up by that is a leader IKON office solutions. Fast Copi serves being a storefront operation emphasizing cultivating business from small companies, big business and unique services for instance Fast Biz-in-a-box. ODJ: What is the partnership with IKON? What can it mean for franchisees? JB: IKON Office Solutions supplies the franchisees using their equipment, then trains them about the operation. IKON handles the many maintenance needs at pricing that may be only available with the franchise affiliation. ODJ: How is Fast Copi distinctive from Sir Speedy, Allegra Network, AlphaGraphics yet others? JB: For starters, our competitors usually do not target franchise owners that bring added value towards the network; perform. In addition, Fast Copi franchisees service specific industries to make in additional revenue others don't. By providing on-site graphic artists, and also a large number of demand services directed at specific customers, Fast Copi will be the perfect vehicle to blend existing printing businesses while using Fast Copi franchise system. ODJ: What types of existing businesses will make good Fast Copi franchises? Printers, graphic artists and experienced copy center managers. All three are discussed at length under Featured Opportunities on home page. In summary, though, graphic artists need a storefront identity and also other services to create enough income to keep running a business; graphic design alone is just not enough. Printers ought to diversify and produce additional revenue streams; Fast Copi can serve as that vehicle. Copy center managers frequently have graphic arts skills plus expertise in running a duplicate center. ODJ: Adding another source for the purpose looks like commodity printing would often do little for your marketplace or your visitors. What advantages does Fast Copi provide printers and customers that will make it unique? JB: The printing business climate is fiercely competitive nowadays, and also the owners have to have a vehicle to diversify to be able to compete and prevail. According to According on the 6th Annual Report to Congress through the Printing Industry of America (PIA), The majority on the shops which need assistance aren't going to get multi-national conglomerates while using corresponding resources. Odds are, the normal printer is building a lithographic or screen press, employing under 20, and quite probably, working with a thin profit-margin, without vast pools of income intended for major capital improvements or process reengineering. Knowing the profile of the consumer operation may help identify the psychological approach which will be most beneficial, in addition to the technical considerations. Fast Copi is often a vehicle to diversify into retail which could supply new jobs with a printing business in increase its income. However, the retail transition is uncharted waters to the majority of printers so franchising is practical. ODJ: What would you offer franchisees in relation to support for business development, training, general business operations ? JB: There is trained in practically every facet on the Copi Service Center operations, from marketing and advertising to equipment operation. Our goal is always to continue improving our exercise program to get the most reliable and efficient training inside industry. Franchisees are be forced to complete 1 week to train for the corporate offices which include field training and equipment fundamentals. On site equipment operation will likely be conducted on the franchisee's location. FCC provides franchises while using full gamut of key marketing materials and support, together with education, marketing and advertising training. We constantly develop programs to aid franchisees market and then sell on for their customers. We also frequently announce new services and programs to assist our franchises, all which have supporting advertising and marketing collateral. ODJ: Who are the competitors? Other than possibly location, why would someone head to FastCopi rather than other franchises or FedEx-Kinko's, Staples, etc. JB: Like FedX-Kinkos, Fast Copi is usually a full service copy center. Both are backed by IKON, nevertheless the similarities end there. It is our belief that individuals possess a tremendous edge on FedX-Kinkos for the reason that owners (not employees) govern the businesses' activities contributing to, for starters, premium support services. In case you happen to be uninformed, the FedX-Kinkos locations are notorious for that insufficient customer attention. The added importance of Fast Copi is its creative chance to integrate specialized ancillary services to support franchisees in expanding their subscriber base and retaining their clientele. Fast Copi also spearheads new and innovative programs developed to create additional revenue for store locations. I think it's interesting that a brand new print franchise system opens its doors in the time when pundits claim the death of print is imminent. Is there room on the market for an additional pair print franchise? Time will state, but Fast Copi already has some print centers opened to use home state of Florida and it is actively marketing its offering. Their different approach could be one that operates. ,FREE: KBA Cuts A Commanding Figure at drupa With Straight Talk and Impressive Presses
By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: June 19, 2007 ,gift bags print stickers For an introduction to digital décor opportunities and HP solutions, watch the digital décor video. ,stationery office supplies white wrapping paper roll<%2Fa>+corrugated+box+manufacturers<%2Fa>+Creo%26+%2CGraph+Expo%3B+It%E9%88%A5%E6%AA%9A+not+drupa%2C+but+Chicago+may+have+surprises+too%21++%0D%0ABy+WhatTheyThink+Staff+Published%3A+May+15%2C+2006+%2Coffice+suplies<%2Fa>+custom+packaging<%2Fa><%2Fa>+custom+box+packaging<%2Fa>++%0D%0A&submit=Send's&required_Name=LarryJax&required_Job_Role_Or_Position=&required_Company_Ship=google&’s%20output%20is%20stock%20and%20custom%20labels,%20with%20pressure%20sensitive%20labels%20because%20bread%20and%20butter%20in%20the%20enterprise.%20About%20half%20of%20the%20volume%20is%20for%20customers%20in%20the%20food%20and%20beverage%20industry,%20which%20Wynne%20says%20is%20making%20increasing%20use%20of%20your%20Fortis%20specialty:%20multi-ply%20labels%20and%20coupons%20that%20provide%20extra%20real-estate%20for%20recipes,%20product%20information,%20along%20with%20other%20sorts%20of%20expanded%20content.%20,Cimpress%20CEO%20Robert%20Keane%20Shares%20Thoughts%20on%20Business%20Growth%20%20%0D%0ALike%20many%20from%20the%20industry%20that%20are%20centered%20on%20tipping%20points%20and%20huge-%20,,%20,custom%20business%20cards%20office%20equipment%20%20%0D%0A&anonymous=No#blogism;amp&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ar=00000246&amp;amp;amp;amp;con=000340]VDP:

Wild Apple Graphics Turns to Digital Printing for Art Prints how to self publish a book white christmas wrapping paper In the eighth item of this series, industry expert and WhatTheyThink contributor David Zwang continues his discussion about cross-media communications and production, these times using a discussion of what we should build a superb infrastructure for ones new workflows. It covers Content Management at the same time as other choices you might have to find out which work most effectively available for you. ,Selling: It鈥檚 More Than Showing Up!
BW: With consumers who tend to create printed items, you'll find two key criteria for achievement: quality and price. Right now, the HP Indigo provides the quality we end up needing, as well as the sheet size as well as other factors allow us address the cost criterion. I think inkjet may play a part the way it carries on evolve both regarding quality plus the availability and value of substrates. ,custom vinyl stickers 锘?a href="">book printing DDAP can be aligned with through an online forum provided for that industry to debate end-to-end processes as well as provide creative methods to production challenges. ,wholesale wrapping paper color print,%20Summary%20of%20Q2%20Earnings%20Call%20color%20printing%20service%20how+to+self+publish+a+book<%2Fa>+white+christmas+wrapping+paper<%2Fa>+Also+to+become+seen+in+the+stand+would+be+the+original+Rapida+105%3A+the+Universal+model+launched+in+1998+but+still+for+sale+in+configurations+of+nearly+14+printing+units.+According+to+KBA%2C+the+Rapida+105+Universal+enjoys+the+difference+to+be+%C2%9Dthe+world%27s+longest+B1+press%C2%9D+%28i.e.%2C+which+has+a+40+sheet+size%29+in+their+incarnation+because+%C2%9DEffectPress%C2%9D+for+the+Meinke+printing+establishment+in+Neuss+near+D%26uuml%3Bsseldorf.+%28Plant+tours+to+Meinke+depart+the+KBA+stand+daily+at+3+p.m.%29+%2CFREE%3A+X-Rite%2FPantone+%E2%80%93+The+New+Force+in+Color++%0D%0ABy+Cary+Sherburne+Published%3A+July+19%2C+2004+%2Ccustom+corrugated+boxes<%2Fa>+label+printing<%2Fa><%2Fa>+medical+office+supplies<%2Fa>++%0D%0A&recaptcha_challenge_field=03AHJ_VuuhTEdnys7D_pVgkjhbTitTfFzhit6Q2OoTX55F3BsC5czx-bwqT-eT0vHqcc-A9RIwVbAhsQVFh9OSkB1SvrYrIAYXUbZS37tH0XJFregrjgB6GTiTtO3j49h4ufhncUfn5k65GtlLS1E8NwRHQiRNIWpTXSCQuIsA2gOjVOFfsiNbcHXD76cRwnYCmjzDz2LmweaW06Khl8_RHhImRWDHGiyQrA&recaptcha_response_field=nstemon+hhood<%2Fa>+office+items<%2Fa>+WTT%3A+While+this+work+hasn%26rsquo%3Bt+been+focused+specifically+for+the+printing+industry%2C+printers+are+businesses+which+are+being+affected+through+the+trends+also.+What+will+be+the+implications+for+printing+firms%3F+%2CInternet+Firms+Aren%27t+Returning+the+Favor++%0D%0AIf+you+didn%27t+pick+increase+your+copy+with+the+%26ldquo%3BABCs+of+VDP%2C%26rdquo%3B+a+guide+that+can+help+printers+successfully+implement+a+customized+printing+program+by+choosing+the+most+effective+authoring+tools+and+digital+printing+servers+and+engines%2C+buy+your+copy+at+EFI%27s+site+on+this+link.+%2Ccorrugated+box<%2Fa>+postcard+printing<%2Fa><%2Fa>+business+equipment<%2Fa>++%0D%0A&captcha-word=&captcha-prefix=479989257&contact-submit=true&submit=

The Three-Letter Problem! gift wrap bags office supplies Jimmy Vainstein, senior project manager with the World Bank Group鈥檚 Printing & Multimedia explains how investing in a production inkjet printing solution has revolutionized the institution鈥檚 business and increased its value to Bank Group clients. ,Free Special - Shelley Sweeney, VP and General Manager, Service Bureau Division, Xerox
Clipping Coupons ,home office supplies cardboard boxes Marketing and sales with the Noosh print management solution ,thermal labels stationery wholesalers,%20Delphax,%20Epson,%20HP%20white%20wrapping%20paper%20roll%20;u=12472

Print Software Vendors 鈥?Send Us Your News publish your own book office equipment I ran into two interesting articles recently that imply a competitively effective role for print. The key point from the first one is the fact that e-mail is deployed from the smartest marketers like a tactical tool that utilizes precision targeting to attain an increased amount of relevancy on the recipient. It also posits that e-mail is viewed like a retention tool; that may be, that e-mail is usually a way to make and observe after brand loyalty rather than being an individual acquisition tool. Now that's interesting! Perhaps print's new role might be to be a prime customer acquisition tool. With one from six e-mails not reaching intended opt-in recipients on account of spam filters, it canbe argued that mailed print continues to be required as part of a typical well-run campaign. ,Inkjet drupa 2016 鈥?Continuing the Story 鈥?HP Indigo
A target workflow ,color print sticky labels On the eve of Print 05, four postpress executives agreed to go over these as well as other topics with Mark Hunt, director of selling, Standard Finishing Systems (booth 2845); Werner Naegeli, president and CEO, Muller Martini Corp. (booth 4018); Ralph Pasquariello, director of postpress product management, Heidelberg USA (booth 1200); and Rick Trapilo, executive vice chairman and general manager, C.P. Bourg (booth 4805). ,custom business cards paper box manufacturers,%20Sandy%20Alexander%20Adds%20Capacity%20and%20Capability%20wholesale%20gift%20wrap%20<%2Fa>+gift+wrapping+supplies<%2Fa>+March+2014+%E9%88%A5%3FDeals%2C+Court+Filings+%26+Closures+in+the+Printing%2C+Packaging%2C+Paper+%26+Related+Industries+%2CFree+Graph+Expo+Report%3A+From+the+1999+Rage+to+2002+Reality%3A+E-business+able+to++%0D%0AEvery+executive+in+your+staff+doesn%26rsquo%3Bt+ought+to+speak.+Really.+%2Creliable+office+supplies+online<%2Fa>+print+stickers<%2Fa><%2Fa>+Custom+Labels<%2Fa>++%0D%0A&submit=Send闂佺偨鍎查悰?20a%20New%20Year闂?Full%20of%20New%20Opportunities%20custom%20box%20packaging%20pers&text2=It闂佺偨鍎查悰?20a%20New%20Year闂?Full%20of%20New%20Opportunities%20custom%20box%20packaging%20pers&text3=It闂佺偨鍎查悰?20a%20New%20Year闂?Full%20of%20New%20Opportunities%20custom%20box%20packaging%20pers&text4=It闂佺偨鍎查悰?20a%20New%20Year闂?Full%20of%20New%20Opportunities%20custom%20box%20packaging%20pers&OtherActivities=&TEL=123456&FAX=123456&闂佺偨鍎查悰?20a%20New%20Year闂?Full%20of%20New%20Opportunities%20custom%20box%20packaging%20pers&section=&callus=&language=en&captcha=1

EFI Announces Strong First Quarter Results: What executives said in the conference call how to get a book published shipping boxes September 2009 ,Technology Innovation from Outside the Mold 鈥?Part 2 of 3
With today’s digital printing solutions, whether toner- or inkjet-based, there are several the possiblility to incorporate features which help ensure items are legitimate and documents are valid. The more marketers, designers, and printers understand around the trends with this area, greater successful the deterrent solutions are getting to be. Additionally, the continued advances in digital print technology are bringing new options to your table each of the time. ,home office supplies sticker printing These insights are obtained from Chapter 1, Section 3 of “Is Digital Printing Part of Your Brand or Operational Strategy?” A free overview plus the full report is usually downloaded off their internet site. ,packaging printing Custom 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