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Is Anyone Else Tw-ired of Twitter

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy kid, you may even call me a mid-term adopter of all things tech. But there is one project that has offended me more over the past few months that has finally pushed me to post a blog against it.


The name of this evil project you ask: Twitter.


Bayesian Knowledge Engineering

After being an active Knowledge Engineer for 2 years modeling troubleshooters for various Microsoft products, I wrote a 70-page tutorial to train new knowledge engineers. On a later freelance project, I converted the Word document to a compiled online help format.

Microsoft has graciously given me permission to post the tutorial here: (No longer available, code originally written to run in Internet Explorer 4, and no longer works in modern browsers)

What is Open Source?

A Community-Based Approach to Software

Our Systems

Our Open Source Setup at Freelock

We don't just help our customers find the right products for their businesses, we also use Open Source technologies ourselves. We have gone through many studs and duds over the years, and will continue to weed out the best of the best as we grow. We don't recommend all the software we use internally, but