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Is Anyone Else Tw-ired of Twitter

By Erik Olson - Posted on 31 March 2009

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy kid, you may even call me a mid-term adopter of all things tech. But there is one project that has offended me more over the past few months that has finally pushed me to post a blog against it.


The name of this evil project you ask: Twitter.


I'm not sure if its the over-exposure on every newscast, the constant buzzing on the Blackberry, the total un-organized chaos of the Twitter-Sphere and its lack of organization, the annoying bird (yeah I said it) that lures you in with its sweet song just to dump a verbal-poo on your head, or the complete lack of a business plan (other than selling the multi-million dollar idea for multi-billions to Google or Microsoft), but I am fed up with Tweets and people asking me to follow them. No more I say!


Call me paranoid, call me naive, or call me a bird-hater, but my simple opinion is that Twitter is collecting our names, phone numbers and most importantly, our thoughts, to sell off to a big corporation for billions. Don't believe it, thats fine. But if you read Twitter's privacy policy you may find things that are pretty interesting.


As much as I would like Twitter to help me in "collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing" all of my information to the likes of Google or Microsoft, we are on a path of combining our intimate knowledge in a couple of mega-corporations.


So yeah, I use GTalk, I've got a Windows computer at home that I send error reports from, and I've got a Skype account recording my cross continent phone calls, but you know what, I know they're evil and they don't pretend to be nice. I know Google, Microsoft, and eBay are after profits and have a business model in which to do so and I can read about it when I get their annual reports.


Twitter, well, we'll just have to wait and see who the highest bidder is. In the meantime, don't expect much Twitter-ing out of me!


If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my Twit of a name is noslokire!!! (I had to post the cute bird image)


Oh, and Mahalie was kind enough to show me a video that captures the essence of my feelings for Twitter, so please enjoy!


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They tend to be the negotiator along with the “voice” for each and every side Customer service representatives, even as know them now, came in to the graphic arts industry from the 1980s. Before the period, production coordinators or job planners wrote job jackets, planned jobs, created press layouts and impositions, prepared proofs and press sheets, monitored and ordered inventory, and, within their extra time, worked customers and salespeople. Their main focus were to represent production to your customer. With their hectic schedule, dealing with customers' and salespeople's inquiries was difficult. In a feat to raise business and still provide quotes, orders, and job status in a very more timely manner, management created customer support representatives. Today, a CSR acts being a “buffer” between production plus the customer. They perform all in the tasks which help to make certain employment will run smoothly and meet the client's needs whenever. 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The 2000 trade fair occupied 158,875 square meters of space, or some 17 million sq ft. ,banner printing how to publish a book gift bags Every now and then you discover a really neat application tucked away in the most unusual place. Such was the situation with Ed Lupo’s AdBuilderPro, from Graphic Arts Associates, Inc. Quietly relaxing in PrintOn’s booth, together with his laptop with the ready, Ed explained that his PDF/X-1a compliant co-op advertising software will officially be launched with this fall’s San Francisco Seybold event. He was at the On Demand Expo to get a viewing also to get reactions. Currently, AdBuilderPro has 15 customers, in accordance with Ed, and several of such companies are household words, i.e., Toro, Lawn Boy, Murray, Porter Cable, Rowe Furniture, Hartmann Luggage, JanSport yet others. Companies and dealers experienced long standing problems with ad creation and tracking for retailers to obtain payment for cooperative ads run in local markets. With Ad BuilderPro, this concern is solved through a browser based access to corporate images, pre approved ad copy and templates of various formats for diverse print media. The manufacturer stores its high resolution images inside the Image Vault database. The local retailer uses his password to get into the stored content and build a suitable ad. The retailer also can upload his own logo, on the time of ad creation, if not already resident, or is different. Based on the retailer’s login password, the device automatically drops inside retailer’s address. Once an advert is complete, an e-mail notification in the URL link is made for the ad agency or media outlet. The transaction can be recorded using the manufacturer, for tracking and accounting purposes. An power for both retailer and manufacturer is always that both parties are comfortable while using content, because it’s all pre approved. There are no surprises and reimbursement is guaranteed. To receive co-op payment, each of the retailer needs to do is send a duplicate in the ad, once it has run, along with all the invoice, and reimbursement is made. An additional benefit may be the ability for your retailer to construct their own custom catalog of seasonal or stocked items and personalize them for direct mail. How much do these capabilities cost? Ed said from $10,000-25,000 to get a once, corporate activation fee, paid through the manufacturer, and free to the retailer. Other fees, for template creation and site storage also apply. This is often a really neat asset management application that solves true to life advertising problems. Content and asset management applications were in a nutshell supply at this season’s OnDemand Expo, but this was a standout. For more details go to Graphic Arts Associates’ site ( or call 800-884-2656. .

In the Current and Emerging Era of Rampant Connectivity and Social Media, Where Do Print's Benefits Stand Now? gift wrapping supplies color printing service christmas gift wrap By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: May 17, 2002 ,Four Months to drupa: Comments on Kodak, Screen, Xerox, Ricoh
The Federal Reserve issued its latest Beige Book reporting economic conditions throughout the country. ,commercial office supplies custom gifts color print Look with the big forms companies; there are many that in several of those below 1 / 2 of their sales are from print; the vast majority of it can be from fulfillment, data management, forms management, variable data printing, online forms design, and websites. That's all related on the therapy for information. While printing could possibly be in the core of these business, it isn't the full business. ,Custom Labels Paper Gift custom wraps The opportunity could lie in producing bespoke, ultra-customized pieces at premium prices—one-of-a-kind keepsakes provided by nothing else source. Thingiverse, MakerBot’s online stock trading post for 3D printing source files, contains samples of some with the intricate forms the high-end specialty items normally takes. ,custom packaging boxes how to self publish a book print labels By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: April 21, 2004 .

Whatever happened to ... the national water grid? water filter company ro water purifier best water purifier The National Research Council panel does recommend that Seaway ships be required to do more to be sure their ballast tanks aren't carrying foreign organisms. It recommends the Canadian and US governments develop a more rigorous oversight program for your industry, in addition to increased surveillance to identify new invaders. It also recommends development of the rapid-response program to contain new species introductions. ,Royal recogition for our dedicated supporters
Telephone number must have at the very least 0 and no greater than 256 characters.The value from the Telephone number field is just not valid. ,best water filter house water filter refrigerator water filters ,It is refreshing, therefore, to know that there is at least one UN institution dedicated to improving public water provision. Founded by UN-Habitat during 2009, the Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance (Gwopa) is a platform for joining together public water operators from round the world. Slow progress for a lot of ,water softener system purified water reverse osmosis water system ,Other large supermarkets are following suit. UK supermarket chain Morrisons, as an illustration, has installed over 700 water meters across its property estate since 2011. Marks and Spencer has reduced water footprint of its operations by 18% in comparison to 2006/07 levels through efficiency measures. While Waitrose has installed shut-off valves to prevent water being utilized when its stores are unoccupied.

A drought where there is water, water everywhere home water systems water filtration system reverse osmosis water filter system Yesterday RWE, which bought Thames Water for about 鈧?bn (拢4.7bn) in 2000 and that also owns the British energy supplier npower, confirmed that it turned out pursuing a twin track approach towards the disposal of Thames Water and said the programme was proceeding in accordance with plan. ,Making rain: can technology drought-proof the Caribbean?
A climate report published by the Torres Strait regional authority, the local Indigenous body, found sea levels in the region rose by 6mm every year from 1993 to 2010, compared having a global average of 3.22mm. The same report said the mean rate of sea level rise considering that the middle in the 19th century has been higher compared to mean rate within the previous two millennia. For the seafaring Torres Strait islanders, the rise can mean profound change in lifestyle. ,best water filter whole house water filtration system best water filter system ,Significant 鈥?or indeed any 鈥?recharge of underground resources at this time of the season is most unusual however it follows the abnormally heavy rainfall experienced since spring that has finally brought with an end the severe drought after two dry winters. The economic valuation of reefs is definitely an innovative area that WRI becomes into, so could you explain just a little more?Economic valuation involves locating a dollar value on the goods and services supplied by coral reefs. Very often dollar values talk with policymakers and businesses inside a way that other conservation arguments can't. The economic valuation helps to highlight how these groups are still benefiting from the healthy reef ecosystem and whatever they stand to lose if a reef is constantly on the decline. So inside the case of tourism, we raise awareness concerning the large values which can be often entering countries as well as the taxes that governments receive because of tourists visiting the country. We also look at the contribution of reef-associated fisheries on the economy and the shoreline protection services provided by reefs. And that's a really important and high-value service. ,filtration system water filtration system drinking water standards ,Matt Hancock, business as well as minister said: We have one with the most robust regulatory systems inside world for shale gas. It鈥檚 baffling how the Greens want us to miss on one in the greatest economic opportunities in the 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Churches fear 4,000% rise in water bills best water softner wastewater treatment equipment water purification Tides are created with the pull from the moon and the sun around the world's oceans. The tidal force with the moon is in excess of that with the sun, so the water around the side of the earth closest for the moon is pulled more strongly. As the planet earth rotates, different parts from the oceans are exposed towards the moon, which is why tides change. ,Kenya water discovery brings hope for drought relief in rural north
It was just like a horror film, says the building manager, Maria Aurilene Santana. No one seemed in a position to agree on anything. When a small volume of water finally trickled in to the tanks Santana says individuals were filling buckets, grabbing all the water they might. According to a crisis report published on 9 February by the pressure group Alian莽a Pela 脕gua (Water Alliance), whereas catastrophic situations like flooding often fosters solidarity, a deficiency of resources will do the other, bringing about chaos as well as violence. In Itu, a major city 100km from S茫o Paulo a desperate water shortage in late 2014 generated fighting in queues, theft of water, as well as the looting of emergency water trucks, which are now together with armed civil guards. These events left many paulistanos wondering how the hardship might play out inside their own pressurised and densely populated city. ,whole house water filter pure water systemsmanufacturers water systems ,In Newham, our goal is convergence: closing the gap relating to the poor East End as well as the rest of London. This year the amount of young people achieving five or maybe more A*-C GCSEs or equivalent rose from 56.3% in 2008 to 62.8%. Advertising regulators added that there was clearly a division of informed and scientific opinion concerning whether cotton would be a water intensive crop. ,reverse osmosis system clean water water systems ,Drought has experienced a firm grip about the region since 1998 and Cook’s findings show that this recent bone-dry spell is probable the driest period on record in 900 years and almost certainly the worst drought in 500 years. In either case, it’s well outside the norm of natural variability indicating that a global warming signal is probable emerging inside region.;u=4262

Advertising Agency Revenues Up +40% Since Bottom of Recession sticker printing children's book publishers business office supplies The Federal register could be accessed online at, too as by going to The latter site is quite recent and develop it can be ongoing. President Obama's Campaign to Cut Waste video may also be found for the website in this site (as in this writing). Mosley says, At, we've used XML technology and open source coding, together with the documents being produced in the same file that creates a state version on FDsys. The content on our site will not be yet recognized being an 'official' version but really should be within your next month or two. Because on the way the website is structured, you can now download data and conduct searches, do analysis during the last 10 years or maybe more, or another type they might should do together with the information. ,Variable Data Printing Gains New Footholds, Part 1
Changing Channels: Trends within the Graphic Arts Distribution Channel ,color print print solutions gift boxes The outcome is expressed like a percentage. The challenge is developing mechanisms to capture the incremental profit. Based around the abundance of latest media, channels, and greater customer control, marketers can’t afford to take a look within the “rearview mirror” at historical performance on prior marketing investments. Forward-looking marketers are going for a “make sure learn” approach, testing elements from the marketing mix using a smaller and even more controlled scale. This could be an even more effective option, in particular when total funds are scarce along with the techniques are new. ,quality office supplies banner printing christmas wrapping Standard Horizon’s dedication to “Intelligent Automation” yielded a quantity of advances inside manufacture of cut sheets, folded signatures, saddle-stitched and excellent-bound books that have been displayed at drupa 2008. While some automated folders still require an operator to measure each panel and input the size and style ahead of the changeover may start, Horizon AFC folders feature an icon-based color touchscreen that prompts the operator for sheet size and desired fold pattern, data the folder uses to calculate the mandatory set-ups and perform a completely-automated changeover within half a minute. Having their drupa debut were the AF-406T6A small-format, six-buckle folder with pile feed, suction head and optional six-buckle unit that may be added straight or cross-wise, which makes it ideal for that output of inserts and outserts, including pharmaceutical folding, along with the AF-566F six-buckle folder with pile feeder, suction head and option four-buckle unit this could be added straight or cross-wise for optimum flexibility. CCD camera choices for Horizon AFC folders enable sheet-by-sheet verification reading from your top, bottom or both to insure the integrity of folded signatures inside and outside. In addressing the needs from the short-run, POD market, Horizon added a considerable color touchscreen and ergonomically designed digital caliper to its BQ-270 single-clamp binder. The highly automated Standard Horizon BQ-470 four-clamp binder now features interchangeable EVA/PUR adhesive tanks, an SI-470 digital caliper to measure book thickness and automatically transfer this data for the binder for set-up, along with the convenient new PM-470 pre-melt tank, which promotes longer runs between adhesive replenishment. The company also demonstrated the fully automated Stitchliner 6000, an enhancement from the Stitchliner 5500 which could stitch as opposed to folded sheets, at the same time like a new hardcover book system. Both are anticipated being commercially ready sometime during the past year. Horizon also brings intelligent control in the network level, with full JDF compliance using the i2i Bindery Control System. Job parameters is usually entered in a central control console then called-up by any Horizon finisher around the network. ,publishing companies gift wrapping paper custom gifts Customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction .

Economic Round-Up, Printing Profits, Call to Action, Important Articles Printing Services office products custom labels Full Speed Ahead? ,Business Essentials
The drupa debate this coming year was: ,custom office supplies custom labels printing in china I recently read a conversation on with Tom O'Connor, Jr., the CEO of Mohawk Paper, where he stated, It's okay to create green being green. That struck home for me personally. Presstek has always brought to promote solutions which are kind towards the environment, primarily with the removal of chemistry utilized in platemaking. However, the environmental advantages of our products extend beyond that. It has only ended up which the business has begun to notice that being green is just not only responsible, however it might be profitable. In earlier times, I think people generally assumed that being green cost green. While they much like the idea for being more environmentally conscientious, in addition they thought it might stop affordable for the kids in numerous cases. ,custom labels office products package printing WTT: Jacob, appreciate your spending some time around for this exciting subject. We look toward learning much more about these announcements at Graph Expo. ,gift wrapping packaging printing Box Printing Zoom was actually easy, it supported around 50 people – I don’t suggest that large of group. It was perfect for groups of about five. I would apply it when you will need to get remote website visitors to talk through considerations. You want to find out reactions, facial expressions, and have a very deeper experience than a voice only call. .

Taking Aim on the No -Profit Market label stickers cheap business cards label printing The best show was the wonder act on the Screen stand. The best demos were at Heidelberg simply because used these small receivers and ear plugs so you can hear the demonstrator perfectly (my tours in Italy used them extensively). The worst presentation was the HP trip on the future which had been an 11-minute talking heads sales page which has a few effects. The best presentation was abdominal muscles short 3D animation of the roll-fed inkjet press by Xerox, without the need of audio and little explanation. ,Conflicting Information: A Case for Full Disclosure
There is often a communications revolution in handheld devices that might be more powerful as opposed to telegraph, radio, and television--together. However, might know about watch and keep reading screens pollutes our mind along with the screens themselves eventually pollute the environment. The energy to illuminate those screens derives from standard fuels which pollute our air. ,product boxes christmas wrapping booklet printing WTT: Do the thing is adding services just as one opportunity? ,custom printed boxes custom gifts 锘?a href="">book printing At some point in time, you might actually even stop printing and let somebody else practice it, or allow the user print it for himself/herself. Traditional printers can obtain in to the reasoning behind print management or print distribution. Then the printing isn't the final-all be-all 聺it's the core and not the sole part with their business. ,children's book publishers cheap business cards print solutions Too Many Stories, Too Little Time .